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Coolaney, Sligo, Sligo, Ireland
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Activities in Sligo

Portavade Strand, Sligo

Gillighans World ; Belra, Lavagh, Sligo

Gillighans World ; Belra, Lavagh, Sligo

Sligo’s Enchanted Faerie Gardens are a Spiritual Experience  for PEOPLE OF ALL AGES. Located at Knocknashee, one of Irelands’ ancient sacred hills, and traditionally known as ” the Hill of The Fairies” you escape into a land of artistry and imagination. It is a magical place adults adore and children love.

Miniature villages and delightful faerie habitats nestle in beautiful water and botannical gardens, with a stone tunnel entrance, dolmen and amphitheatre. Enchanted glade, secluded picnic areas, pet haven, water cave and spectacular panoramic views from the Celtic Faerie Fort.

Gillighan’s World is truly “The Field of Dreams”

Knocknarea Mountain

Knocknarea Mountain

Knocknarea dominates the skyline of Sligo town standing tall at 1078 feet. Walking to the summit of the mountain is only accessible by foot by taking a neatly paved path from the car park. The walk to the summit of the mountain takes an average of 40 – 45 minutes and it suitable for all ages. Once you reach the top, there lies the cairn of Queen Maeve of Connacht. The cairn is about 10 meters high and is visible for miles around. It has not been excavated but it is thought to cover a passage tomb similar to that of Heapstown Cairn. Queen Maeve and Knocknarea Mountain are mentioned in several of Yeats' poems and are of keen interest in Irish myth. There are spectacular views around County Sligo. Note: Always take care when climbing rugged or mountainous areas. Also, please do not climb on the cairn at Knocknarea.

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